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Savoir-faire of kaloes

This is our first collection and at the same time we have been manufacturing raffia bags for 24 years as a subcontractor for the fashion industry.

Kaloes is the name of a Malagasy company created in Antananarivo in 2000. A company initially specialized in the manufacture of rabane baskets (raffia weaving). Then in the manufacture of crochet bags. Always in raffia. Raffia is a natural fiber from a palm tree. Madagascar is the world's leading producer.

It is the DNA of Kaloes, its source code, the breadcrumb trail of the whole story.

We fell into the pot very early on since today we work with exactly the same materials as those we presented in our first catalog in… January 2000.

Very flexible in its raw state, raffia can take on a thousand faces depending on how it is worked.


Kaloes started crocheting fifteen years ago. With the desire to do well, to stand out from the crowd. All of our teams have worked with determination and passion to reach a level which today is recognized in the world of fashion and luxury. We are committed to manufacturing precise parts, with a regular and harmonious point, with a homogeneous color.

Pieces that will, because they have been well thought out and well crafted, stand the test of time. Long time. Because for us it makes absolutely no sense to do great things if they don't last.

The hook being entirely made by hand, we are above all craftsmen. Like any craftsman who works with his hands, it is a daily challenge to succeed in repeating the right gesture without making mistakes. It is a school of precision, patience and courage.

Next to raffia there is also leather which is a material that we particularly like. We had to learn from 2002-2003 to work this sensual and durable material, leather being the strongest and prettiest material for making basket handles.

We were accompanied in the first years by a French leather goods maker, Jean-François, who came to Madagascar to train the teams. It is on this basis that we have built our know-how in leather goods.

Meetings have also made us progress a lot. From 2010 to 2020, we thus subcontracted the handles of the Saint-Louis models for the Goyard brand.