Discover Kaloes

Being a manufacturer means remaining in the shadows. Lending your talent to a designer and their own story. It can be incredibly gratifying, especially when working for talented people, but it will always remain a bit frustrating.

That’s why in 2020, when the world started shaking, we decided to embark on a new journey.

We had so many stories to tell,
tso many desires
to express.

C'est quoi notre style?

Designing a bag, imagining it, giving it a meaning and purpose is an entirely different exercise from making one. We tapped into our memories, our emotions, the style we like, the small details that are meaningful to us.

When it comes to our style, we love simplicity and clean lines. Minimalist luxury (that is to say, our idea of luxury). Craftsmanship and modernity. With all that in mind, we designed our fully monochrome collection in which leather and raffia pieces are the same color.

All our sensitivity and expertise in the craft went into this first collection of ours.

Kaloes is also about a desire to talk about Madagascar, to show its landscapes, its culture, its people. We want to showcase craftsmanship as well as the artisans working with us. We work with a deserving team, and we want to put them in the spotlight.


One of our taglines is
Made by Madagascar

because our narrative, our materials and our craftsmanship are deeply connected to this country. We want to show another facet of Madagascar. We are aware of Madagascar’s reality; we don’t mean to ignore it in any way. But we think that nothing is unshakable, nothing is inevitable. We ought to try writing new stories, relentlessly