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ET de longues années d'apprentissage

Greetings from Madagascar, where we have been since 2000. More specifically, from Antananarivo, its capital. That’s where we have been making raffia accessories, mainly bags, as well as crocheted totes.

We first made a name for ourselves by making rabane (woven raffia) baskets.

Then, in 2010, we started using crochet technique.
Today, along with over 600 craftsmen and women, we are the leading manufacturer in the industry. Our expertise is recognized in the fashion and luxury industries.

A family story

Narrated by the founding couple: Jean-Marie and Dina

we felt the need to walk out from the shadows,
try to imagine
something new.

Why did we launch
our own brand? ?

Being a manufacturer means remaining in the shadows. Lending your talent to a designer and their own story.
It can be incredibly gratifying, especially when working for talented people, but it will always remain a bit frustrating.
That’s why a couple of years ago, when the world started shaking, we felt the need to walk out from the shadows and try to imagine something new.

What is our style about ?

We love simplicity and clean lines. Minimalist luxury (that is to say, our idea of luxury). Craftsmanship and modernity. With all that in mind, we designed our fully monochrome collection in which leather and raffia pieces are the same color.